What men wear to work can make or break a first impression for bosses, coworkers, and clients. A man who looks professional and put together at work will impress others in the office. These are some tips for helping men to decide what to wear in the workplace.


Make sure clothes are clean and neat.


Crisp, clean clothing is always crucial for looking professional and stylish. No one will want to see a boss or coworker wearing a dirty, wrinkly shirt, so everyone should make sure that there are no stains or wrinkles on their clothing before getting dressed for work.


Avoid sloppy clothing.


It may be tempting to throw on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. However, looking presentable in professional clothing will go a long way and make employees and bosses appear more diligent about their work, even if they work from home.


Avoid wearing anything involving sports or workouts.


It can be tempting for people to wear the clothes they will be wearing to the gym after work to their jobs; however, it is best to dress professionally and change into those clothes after the workday is over. Looking overly sporty at work will come across as unprofessional.


Make sure that clothes fit.


Overly tight or baggy clothing is not appropriate for the workplace. Men should make sure to purchase pieces that fit their bodies well without exposing too much skin or looking too oversized.


Dress up without overdoing it.


No one should ever underdress for work. Showing up to an office in distressed jeans and a t-shirt will always make a terrible impression and come across as not taking the job seriously. Men should be sure to dress appropriately, but not overdressing to the point where they will be distracting others. For example, wearing a tuxedo to many jobs would be overdressing.


Follow the dress codes.


It is crucial to respect and follow any dress code that the office may require. Even if these rules do not align with someone’s style, refusing to follow these rules will come across as disrespectful and even rude.


Following these tips will help any man look appropriate and stylish for the workplace.