The year 2020 will be over soon, and that means a whole new set of menswear trends to look out for will be coming soon. Here are some upcoming menswear trends to follow for 2021.

Wearable technology
Everyone has had that awkward moment where they reach in their pockets to show their boss an email or exchange phone numbers with an attractive woman, only to forget where they put their phones. In 2021, it will be a new trend for men to wear their phones around their necks, so this will not be an issue anymore.

Sweater vests
Not only do sweater vests keep people warm, but they can also add a bold pop of color to a dull outfit. Embracing sweater vests in 2021 will help men fight the winter wind while adding some contrast to their monochromatic outfits.

Stylish leather
Leather has always been in style and can bring any outfit from boring to edgy. Purchasing a new leather item will be worth the investment for 2021, whether it is a jacket, belt, wallet or all of the above. Men can wear these pieces every day to add an effortless fashionable aspect to their wardrobe.

Formal outfits with casual footwear
While it may have seemed ridiculous to wear a suit with sandals a few years ago, this interesting blend of formal and casual will be considered trendy in 2021. A business-inspired look with a beachy-inspired touch at the toes is an unexpected yet fun new trend.

This unique and bold print will be a wardrobe must-have for truly fashionable men. Snakeskin has been in style for a while now and will be sure to make a statement no matter how men will choose to style it. Wearing this fun print on jackets or shoes can make an outfit as simple as a white T-shirt and jeans look like a magazine-cover worthy look.

This trend is great for both men and women who like to mix colors and patterns. It is a bold look that people can wear on tops, pants, outerwear and accessories, so the options are endless for this upcoming trend.

Men who are looking for a stylish wardrobe in 2021 should start following these trends today.