With March almost gone and April almost here, thinking about spring fashion is crucial to both your public appearance and making memorable first impressions. Follow the trends below to be sure you stay fashionable and put your best foot forward this spring.


Flare Pants

Flare pants are back. Find this seventies style in trousers even slim-fit pants. Give a wink to this decade with the subtleties offered through these street styles.



You should not be afraid of button-downs. The modern button-downs offered this spring offer statements in bold patterns and colors. Find unique collars as well such as camp collars.


A “Tailored” Look

This spring, a mix of streetwear and formal wear is a must. Find a distressed blazer or an overly sized blazer to dress up your wardrobe.



Sweaters should not be completely neglected in the spring. Find a sweater that reflects your personality in a bold print or a bold texture such as Mohair.


Vintage Shoes

Sneakers are out, and the look of a vintage dressy shoe is in this spring. Find penny loafers and Doc Martens on shelves this spring. There are more casual and more dressy shows offered in the vintage dress shoe atmosphere.


Prep Hoodies

Prep looks are back with a vengeance this spring. Find hoodies with school names and logos. There are even “hoodies” that offer a collar rather than a hood in the prep style lineup.


Leather Pants

Who said leather is just for girls? Find a cool, aggressive leather pant in your fit. These are cut in a more comfortable style than the dreaded, skin-tight skinny pants.


Bold Ties

With the addition of these dressy and preppy looks, you need a tie to go with them. Find ties in bold patterns that are truly unique in all aspects of the word.



Do you think polos are just for your grandfather? Not anymore. Find a polo in a fun design or fun color to give yourself the classy look you have always dreamed about.


Vintage T-Shirts

T-shirts will always be in style. Find vintage styles, band shirts and socially advocating t-shirts this spring. Let them represent your personality.


No matter the trend you choose to follow this spring, make sure it reflects your personality and reflects it well.