All men deserve to look fashionable, even on a budget—right? Including you, who certainly can, too, by following seven easy tips.


1. Track your measurements

You can purchase a wonderful outfit at an inexpensive cost, but it won’t do you any good if it doesn’t fit you. Sizes are different everywhere you go, too, so you need to have your main body measurements (chest, neck, waist circumferences as well as arm length and inseam) written down, or memorized, for reference when you shop.


2. Stay away from made-to-measure

Made-to-measure wear is also known as “custom” suits. You’ll want to keep clear of these pieces when you’re on a budget, as they often run up to upwards of $500 each.


3. Try secondhand

Thrift stores are a budgeter’s best friend. When you are looking for secondhand or vintage pieces, though, be sure to check for quality stitches and like-new conditions, since you want them to last a long time for yourself.


4. Get flexible pieces

Think neutrals first and foremost, as they will work with multiple outfits much easier than flashier ones. And, the more flexible pieces you get into your closet, the less you will have to spend on more of them.


5. Take care of your clothes

In order to keep your quality clothes in quality condition, you must wash them correctly. Always look at the wash instructions on the label and follow them exactly, or else you will wind up needing to replace all of your new pieces all over again.


6. Be wary of sales

Items that are marked down in stores, either because of a sale, discount or clearance, tend to be marked down because they aren’t selling. They probably aren’t selling for a reason, such as impaired quality or because they have been returned too often.


7. Keep to your budget

Lastly, stay within the means of the budget you set for yourself. Don’t be persuaded by pushy salespeople to buy items above your price range or spend all your money on just socks before you even get to shirts and pants.


Above all, though, look for pieces that you like. There is always something fashionable at all price points, and you can certainly find something nice for yourself on a budget.