You’ve probably heard the saying, “dress to impress.” While it’s nice to tidy up that outfit many overlook details such as whether or not their watch matches their clothing. Watches are usually the last thing someone puts on before heading out the door but it certainly shouldn’t be viewed as an afterthought. recently listed a couple of rules for matching your watch to your outfit.

When it comes to style, it’s best if you choose one article of clothing that stands out while the rest compliments it. If you have more than one star on the show, then there’s too much going on with your outfit. For example, a glen plaid pattern blazer or color garment-dyed jeans can stand out but they shouldn’t be paired together. The reason for this rule is that it allows your watch to shine.

If you’re lost on which watch to pair with what, try the JLC Polaris Memovox with a graph-check shirt and a pair of blue jeans. In an example of what you don’t want to wear, a colorful strap with a bright cashmere sweater and a bold stripe shirt is over the top. In that instance, all eyeballs will be on the articles of clothing and none of it will be directed towards the watch.

Another rule is using your watch to hook back to something. For example, a man wore a tan and brown tweed jacket over a sky blue pencil-stripe shirt. He’s also got on a Prince of Wales wool tie that has some orange a navy. The man decided to opt for the Tudor Prince watch instead of the Explorer. He did this because he felt the cream dial and suede strap of the watch suited his outfit better.

Does this seem like a minor thing to you? It may be a small detail but it gives you peace of mind that you are organized and well put together. In modern times, watches aren’t needed for their primary function thanks to smartphones. Nowadays, watches are used for style rather than just letting us know the time. The purpose of watches today is the same as designer clothes, which is to make you look fashionable, so you might as well match.