First dates are important as they can determine the direction the relationship will take. First impressions are essential, and dressing to please your date can be tricky. Men are generally known not to give much thought to their appearance as women do. It is, therefore, essential to find a middle ground where you neither appear to try so hard nor give the not caring impression. Women find a well-groomed man attractive and are bound to notice your dressing details.

Ill-Fitting Clothes
On the first date, a common fashion mistake is to wear ill-fitting clothes that give your dated the impression that you are not concerned about what you wear. It is essential to have all your clothes altered to fit you well. Oversize clothes will not only make you appear fidgety, but you will also look untidy. Likewise, undone shirt buttons make you appear unkempt and shabby.

Be Different
You might have interacted with your date on other occasions, but on your first date, it is vital to appear different by maybe trimming your beard, styling your hair, wearing a neat outfit, and even putting on cologne. These things might seem trivial, but they count during the first date.

Don’t Overdo It
It is the first date! You may become overexcited, which makes you seem desperate. It is wise to appear as natural as possible. Do not invest in extravagant and too sophisticated when out with a woman. It is a turn-off for a woman who is looking for a partner. Go for a simple but stylish look as otherwise, you might appear looking like a clown. Play with neutral colors that never go out of fashion.

Say No to Satin
Satin for men on a first date is a fashion understatement as they are too shiny and get sweat patches quickly, especially in hot weather. Fabrics like cotton and tweed are comfortable and will give you confidence while out on the first date.

Wear the Right Shoe
Women are fascinated by men’s shoe games. It would be best to go with a fancier shoe like boots, oxfords, and sneakers.

Minimal Accessories
Accessories are essential in taking your style, however ordinary, a notch higher. However, please do not overdo it and pick about two pieces that complement your outfit.