Franklyn Michelin

Men’s Fashion

Meet Franklyn Michelin

Franklyn Michelin is a medical supplies consultant based in Montreal, Canada. With a rich career history, he believes that professionalism and work ethic makes all the difference when it comes to success. Franklyn is the owner of a small outsource company that provides consulting services and customer support to medical supplies businesses in the United States. 

For Franklyn, being the owner of a business imparts a responsibility to look the part. In his eyes, professionalism is about the way you present yourself, and it becomes someone’s lasting impression of you. As such, he has become increasingly interested in men’s fashion over the years, noting that when he looks his best, he not only feels better but works better. 

Before owning his own company, Franklyn Michelin worked for years amassing experience within the medical supplies industry. As an Industry Research and Analysis Consultant, he helped initiate and capitalize on opportunities that furnished DME supplies by designing financial models and drafting business plans. 

Franklyn’s initiative and drive led him to a particularly successful case of identifying investors and raising capital for one of his clients. The group of investors were so impressed they nominated him to the position of Co-Chief Operations Manager—a position that eventually led Franklyn towards becoming the sole director of the company, spearheading all projects.

Later in his career, just prior to starting his own business, Franklyn was the CEO of Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (“DME”) Provider Diabetic. His involvement helped the company, which was previously losing money, become incredibly profitable. Under his leadership, the patient base grew from a few thousand to 40,000. 

Now, Franklyn Michelin runs his own company. He relishes in the ability to use his previous experience and success to make better business decisions and lasting connections with his customers. He provides consulting and customer support/call services to medical supply companies all across the United States. For Frank, the most rewarding aspect of his business is the relationships he builds and the ability to help better the lives of the elderly. 

In addition to his passion for men’s fashion, professionalism, and his career, Franklyn is also a winter sports devotee. Native to Canada, he grew up playing outside—no matter how cold or snowy it was. As such, he became incredibly involved in winter sports like hockey, snowmobiling, and ice skating. Now a father, he enjoys these activities with his own children and regularly watches competitions, such as the Winter Olympics, to follow his favorite athletes.